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True Friendship

This is the real incident happened in Konkan about the friendly ghost.

It is a story of two friends, Deepak and Ankush. They lived in a small village. They were childhood friends. As they grew up, they started finding a source of earning. Within some days only both got jobs.
Deepak and Ankush’s jobs were not too far from each other. Deepak had a bicycle. In morning, Deepak used to pick up Ankush from his home and he used to drop Ankush at his workplace. Then Deepak used to head straight for his work.
While returning to home, Deepak used to pick Ankush and drop him at his home. Then Deepak used to go to his home. This was their daily routine.

One evening, Deepak picked up Ankush and said, “Buddy, I will have to reach my office early tomorrow. So, I will leave early morning. But I will leave from office on the same time only. I will come to pick you okay”.
Ankush said, “Yes buddy, that’s fine. I will manage tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow evening. Bye. Take care.” And Ankush went to his home. Then Deepak also went home.
Next morning, as Deepak said, he left early for office alone. Ankush also went to his workplace on regular time. Ankush worked hard to finish his tasks on time. In evening, Ankush left office on the same time. He was waiting for Deepak. Ankush said to himself, “Deepak must be having too much work today. Anyways I will wait for him.”

Ankush waited for Deepak for around an hour. Then Ankush saw that Deepak is coming on his bicycle. Ankush was happy to see Deepak coming. Deepak came to Ankush and said, “I am really sorry buddy, I had so many tasks to finish today. So, I got late. Sorry again to make you wait so long.”

Ankush said, “No problem buddy. You worked too much. You must be tired. Should I ride the bicycle?” Deepak said, “No, that’s fine. I will ride. Let’s go.”

Deepak started riding the bicycle. He dropped Ankush at his home and said, “Good night buddy.” Ankush said, “Have a good night, take care buddy. See you tomorrow.” And Deepak left for his home.

Ankush went home, washed his face and quickly sat for dinner. He was just about to have the first bite of food, his phone started ringing.
It was a call from Deepak’s father. Ankush was surprised, “Why would he call him at this time!”. Ankush picked up that call. Deepak’s father said in sorrowful tone of voice, “Ankush……” and a long silence.

Ankush said, “What happened uncle? is everything alright?”. Deepak’s father said, “Ankush, Deepak has left us. He is no more.” Ankush skipped his heartbeats after listening to this sad news. Ankush said, “What? How could this be possible? He just dropped me home just 5 minutes ago. What happened suddenly?” Deepak’s father got shocked. He asked, “What did you just say? He dropped you 5 minutes before? How is this possible? Deepak met with an accident in the morning. He had got serious injuries in head. He was kept in ICU. But unexpectedly at 5 pm, he left this world.” And Ankush broke down.

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  • Vikrant
    Posted January 19, 2018 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    Heart touching friendship ☺️

    • admin
      Posted January 19, 2018 at 9:25 am | Permalink

      Thank you Vikrant. We are glad you liked it. Keep reading. There are many more stories to come. 🙂