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The Last Train – an incident in Virar train

It is a story about Last train from Virar. It’s a real incident in Virar train.

A guy who used to work in an IT company. He was that kind of person who does not believe in ghosts. He always used to say “I’m not afraid of ghosts. They’re all fake.” One day due to project deadline he had to work late night.

After finishing all his work, he left for home. He took an auto rickshaw to reach railway station.

In 15 minutes he reached at railway station. He found nobody there because it was already too late. That did not bother him.

He went to platform no. 1 and waited for train to come. He saw that the train is coming. It was the last train from Virar. He thought, “Any how I need to get into this train, else I will have to spend whole night here at railway station.”

He got into the train.

There were only 4 men sitting in last coach. The guy decided to stand near the door to enjoy the cool wind coming from outside.

Now train was departing from Virar station. As it was the Last train, hardly any one got into the train. Train was moving one by one stations.

The guy was feeling good at the door. When the train reached Naigaon station, a lady, wearing red saree and many golden accessories, got into the train.

Many questions came to his mind. Why would this lady travel all alone? why is she travelling so late? Why is she travelling in general compartment rather than ladies coach? and so many. But he kept mum.

That lady stood near door rather than taking a seat. She was standing still and looking down all the time. Guy found this bit awkward.

When she entered, suddenly the all male passengers’ facial expression changed. The guy looked behind, those men were trying to tell him something through their facial expressions. As if they were calling him to come back and sit next to them.

But the guy did not get the reason. He got confused and thought, “why are they calling me?”

While thinking he again turned back towards that lady. When the train was passing over Bhayandar creek, suddenly the lady started looking into guy’s eyes and then started screaming so loud.

In next moment she jumped out of running train into Bhayandar creek. The guy got shocked. He literally saw someone attempting suicide in front of his eyes.

After watching this terrifying scene, the guy got unconscious. Those other men in the same compartment ran and held that guy.

They took him inside and poured water on his face to make him conscious. The guy started murmuring in frightful voice. They told him that lady was a ghost. This lady is always seen in this Virar Last local. She enters in train at Naigaon station and when the Bhayandar creek comes, she jumps off the Virar train.

The guy was so frightened. This incident completely changed his perception about ghosts.

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  • Vikrant
    Posted January 19, 2018 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    Terrifying story ???

    • admin
      Posted January 19, 2018 at 9:26 am | Permalink

      Yes, we are adding more real incidents. Stay tuned. Thanks 🙂