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The Last Promise

smoking is good for nothing
Vihaan and Arjun were best friends. They were together since childhood. They were in the same school. They always used to hang out together.

Sooner they grew up. They passed out of the college after completing graduation. Later they got jobs in a different office.

Arjun had a bad habit of smoking. He always used to call Vihaan to chill out and have a cigarette break with him. Though Vihaan did not like smoking, he used to give him company. This was the scene of every night when they both used to come home from their office. Vihaan used to advise him, “Smoking is good for nothing, quit smoking.” But Arjun always used to say, “Smoking is good or bad, I know very well. Don’t teach me.” and let go.

One day Vihaan was very tired and Arjun called him out. Vihaan went to him and said, “Buddy, today I am feeling a little tired. Today you go alone. I will see you tomorrow. Promise.” Arjun said, “Okay!” and he left.

After 15 minutes, Vihaan’s other friend called him, “Vihaan, Do you know? Arjun is no more. He found dead in an accident.”

Vihaan was extremely shocked because just now only he met Arjun and later this news came. Vihaan could not believe that Arjun is dead.

Vihaan did not have the courage to go to Arjun’s place. Still, he somehow went to just have a look far from his house that the news of Arjun’s is correct or not. As Vihaan went there, he saw a huge mob of people standing around Arjun’s house. Vihaan finally confirmed that Arjun is gone forever. Vihaan returned home crying.

Vihaan used to miss Arjun every single day. He became lonely. He stopped all the social connections. His life became sad and lonely. Vihaan’s elder brother and other family members were trying to make him come out of that sorrow but Vihaan was very sad because he lost his best friend.

Two weeks later Arjun’s death, Vihaan, and his elder brother were sleeping in their room. Suddenly at 3 AM, Vihaan got up, he started wearing new clothes. Vihaan’s elder brother heard the sound of cupboard opening so he got up. He was shocked. He asked Vihaan, “Bro, why are you getting ready? Where are you going at this time?” Vihaan replied, “Bhai, Arjun is calling me for a cigarette. He is waiting for me down.”

Vihaan’s brother got freaked out. Then also he gathered all his courage and went near to Vihaan. He shook him so that Vihaan will wake up from sleep. But no use, Vihaan was continuously saying, “Arjun is waiting for me, let me go.” Now Vihaan’s brother got chills. He understood that Vihaan is not asleep, he is under the influence of some soul. Vihaan’s brother slapped him tightly.

Vihaan quickly got out of a delusion. He was back into his senses. Vihaan’s brother felt relieved to get his brother back. Vihaan innocently did not know why his brother slapped him, where he was going wearing new clothes. Vihaan’s brother said nothing happened, let’s go back to sleep.

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