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Ghost in Aarey Colony – A haunting night

This is the real story of ghost in Aarey colony which is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

About a decade ago, there was an auto rickshaw driver, who was driving his auto rickshaw at night in the Aarey colony. Usually no one uses that road for travelling after sunset, as it has been know as the haunted place in Mumbai, and also because being a forest, the roads in the Aarey colony are covered with Trees, so there is high risk of travelling at night, because of the ferocious animals, as they come to hunt at night.

The auto rickshaw driver was driving at night because he had to drop his friend who used to live there.

While returning, He saw a pregnant lady waiting for someone. By looking that she is pregnant, rickshaw driver decided to ask that lady if she needs any help. So, he stopped his auto rickshaw near that lady and asked, “Ma’am, do you need any help?”

She said, “Oh yes, I was waiting for an auto rickshaw. It’s an emergency. Will you take me to the hospital?”

Driver said, “I am sorry but there is very less CNG left in my auto rickshaw, I wouldn’t be able to take you to the hospital.”

Lady said, “Okay take me to connecting road ahead and I will go by walking from there.” Driver said, “I don’t know the place you are talking about.” She said, “No problem. I will guide you.”

Driver said, “Ok ma’am. Get inside.” Driver started the auto rickshaw. The lady said, “Go straight.”

Driver kept driving the auto rickshaw but it was shocking for him that there was no turn on that road.

He was driving rickshaw for almost an hour but couldn’t get any single turn.

As he knew that Aarey colony is the place where there are only turning roads and not a single straight road which he could drive for one hour and could not get any turn!

But finally she said, “Please stop here. My destination has arrived.”

She asked, “How much I have to pay?”

After driving so long, the journey had billed to Rs. 275.

She gave Rs.500 note to driver. He said, “Ma’am, Sorry, But I don’t have change.” She said, “That’s ok. Keep the change.” and she left.

Driver started the rickshaw. But he saw that the tire got punctured. He said to himself, “Oh no! This had to get punctured here only? And at this time? What should I do now? Umm I wouldn’t get any help here as well, so I don’t have any option other than spending whole night here in auto rickshaw. So I will sleep now, I will see what needs to be done in the morning.” and he slept in his auto rickshaw. In the morning, one police man woke him, “Hey man, get up. What are you doing here?”

Rubbing his eyes he woke up and saw that he was lying on the grave in the graveyard and a police man was waking him up. He was surprised because he remembered well that he had slept into the auto rickshaw and how did he end waking up on the grave? He got up and looked around. And what he saw, the tire was not punctured but the tire was stuck into the side of grave!

He explained whole story to police. Police got to know that this case is about the ghost in Aarey colony. He man did not say any word and helped the driver to take out the stuck tire of rickshaw. Policeman said, “OK you go home now and take care.” and the driver left.

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