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Mysterious Haunted Stories

The witch – A horror story of perfumes

This story about a hotel in a hill station that was situated at a beautiful location. It used to attract many travelers with its beautiful ambiance. Also, it had a big garden with many colorful flowers. The hotel was owned by a lady. She had a gardener named Ramu. He ...
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The Interview Call

I am a content writer and I do content writing on permanent as well as contract basis. One day I got an interview call. When I received the call and I heard very unclear whispering voice which was barely recognizable. So I said, “Sorry ma’am, I can't hear you.” I ...
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Ghost in night – Stranger at night

There are many incidents with ghost in night. This is also a one of the such horrifying experiences. It’s a story of an old Uncle whom I recently acquainted. He used to live all alone in his house as his wife met with an accident a year ago. And she ...
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A vacation with ghost friends

Have you ever experienced a vacation with ghost friends? If not, this is a story which will definitely haunt you. It’s a story about two boys named Rohit and Sameer. These two boys were living in a place where there was all greenery. They were living in a farmhouse. It ...
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Half Man Half Horse – The Mysterious Horse

Following incident of Goa will give you goosebumps! A group of friends gone for a Goa trip. Goa is a place of mesmerizing shores, night parties at beach, adventure sports, royal casinos, drinks and lots of fun. They enjoyed 2 nights till the fullest. But on the third night what ...
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