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Drive safety rules are your best tools

This story is about a guy came across a car ghost incident. Read his complete experience narrated by him.

I am software engineer from Mumbai in India. My life is full of delivering projects and meeting deadlines then too I try to manage few days off my usual routine, so I can sneak back to my native place which is located near Nashik. I usually travel there in my own car. One weekend me and one of my friends decided to go to my native place. The day was perfect for our journey. It was shiny day with clear sky. I began my journey with great mood and in hopes of spending good and relaxing weekend but that day I witnessed something unnatural which was inexplicable.

So here it is how it went, as per planning, early in the morning around 4 am I got into my car and drove to my friend’s place to pick him up. I reached his place and honk to Indicate him that I have reached. That’s what I usually do to call him up. He did not respond. So, I honk multiple times as of my habit, but he did not come out. I thought he must be exhausted from previous day’s work, so he must be still sleeping so I called him on his cellphone. I tried couple of times, but he didn’t pick up my call. So, I decide to check on him. I got myself out of my car and walked up to his gate. I was hoping that his security guard must be there at the gate, but he was nowhere to be found and gate was locked so shouted for security guard but still couldn’t find him. In my pursuit to find him, I felt cold breeze going through my left ear and then I heard soft voice mumbling my friend’s name in my right ear. As soon as it happened, I startled and turned back, I saw one shady figure growing towards me. I got chilled in my spines in horror of what I was seeing. As shadow approached me I seen one aged women in anger. She yelled at me saying, “What are you doing here? What you want?”. “My friend stays here. We are going to my native place. I am here to pick him up. I think he is not awake yet. So, I was calling his name.” I said. She yelled at me again, “Fool, your friend was waiting for you since very long. You did not come so he went to have tea to Chaiwala.” I thanked her and immediately left that place to ensure I cause no more trouble or get into one so rush to that Chaiwala. When I reached there I saw my friend already waiting for me, so I wished him good morning and told him everything that occurred. He said she’s like that only. I asked him, “Who’s she?” He said she recently came to his neighborhood. She’s mentally ill cause his both son left her without any reasons, so she sold everything she had and shifted to next door. I said that’s sad and we carry on with our journey. I don’t know why but all that time I was driving, I couldn’t forget that morning experience, that creepy feeling I felt.

We were almost reached Kasara Ghat so as soon as we started climbing, weather changed suddenly. There was no longer sunny day. It was all foggy weather out there, so I couldn’t even see road properly, but I admires serene landscapes waiting ahead for me, so I ascended our climb to reach Igatpuri before weather conditions worsen for us. When you drive in such a Ghats you always see signs for safe driving that says, “Drive slow, Drive safe” or “Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you.” So, as I started ascending Ghat I came across such signs too, but I was so much familiar with those Ghats that I tend to ignore those signs. Entire journey, my friend was sleeping, and I didn’t wake him up too though I was feeling sleepy too seeing him sleeping. So, I started my ascending to reach Igatpuri on time. usually it 25-30 mins drive from Kasara Ghat to Igatpuri. I drove past that time still I didn’t reach Igatpuri as my GPS wasn’t moving and road was still going up to hills. 45 minutes later I was afraid why I am not getting on top? So, I started noticing road and signs. After beginning of each turn, I saw safety driving sign “Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you.” It’s usual on every sharp turn then I started noticing on every turn there are exactly 8 barrels on edges two from both ends were yellow and rest of the middle ones are in blue and comparatively new to yellow ones. I found it weird why it’s same on every turn. Then I noticed barrier behind those barrels are broken on every turn. It makes me afraid this much of similarity can’t be happened on every turn, so I assume I am not doing any progress in ascending I am just circling around in my scare I gave paddle on my accelerator to outrun whatever is happening to me at that time. As increase my speed, I almost lost control to my car and it was just about to hit that safety sign. My friend sleeping next to me woke up while it was happening he yelled at me, “Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you. Don’t you see it? You will die, and you will kill me too. Like I lost my kids”.

I got horrified listening to those lines. I pressed my leg for breaks, but my car was not stopping instead of its speed was increasing. I looked at my friend he was looking at me at rage. Yelling same things on each time car was getting hit to that safety sign.

“Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you. Don’t you see it? You will die, and you will kill me too. Like I lost my kids”.

It happened for almost couple of minutes I wasn’t driving my car anymore. It was out of my control. I begged my friend to stop saying that he wasn’t till I said, “I will follow all the road safety guidelines and I will not let die anyone”. His voice became feminine I saw same old lady which I saw before early in the morning before I got unconscious.

Sometime later I heard my phone ringing. I found myself sleeping in my car parked in service lane and I still had to climb Kasara Ghat. My phone was still ringing so I picked it up my friend was calling he told me he was sorry he couldn’t join me today because he was tired, and he would had joined me if I had honked at him and woke him up in the morning.

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