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Demonic possession – A horrifying incident

It’s the real demonic possession happened with my friend Aditya. One day Aditya and his friends went to his village. They were riding their motor cycles in the afternoon. As they all had gone for trip after so many days, they decided to sit and drink to enjoy the moment.

After sometime they all were totally drunk except Aditya, as he never drinks.

They had met each other after long time, they got so busy in talking and laughing that they totally forgot about time and it was getting dark. It was full moon night so it was brighter than usual at night. The whole area was shining in the light of the moon.

Aditya told to his friends, “Guys, It’s not Mumbai okay? It’s village. It’s not good to hang around so late in dark here. I guess we should be leaving to our home.”

Other friends agreed, except one whose name was Mithun. He said, “Yes, We should be get going, you guys go ahead I will come afterwards, I have some work to do.”

Everybody asked, “Wait, What you have to do here? It’s not our place, so how can you have work here?”

Mithun said, “I don’t have any work actually, but I am feeling very hungry, so I will eat something and come. You all go.”

Aditya said, “Dude, The place we are right now is very far away from local site and there is no food stall you will find around here. So let’s go, you sit on my bike. If we see any food stall while returning, I will stop the bike okay?”

Mithun said, “Umm, Okay fine…”

So, everybody sat on their bikes and started their journey from that isolated place to home.

While returning they were passing the graveyard, the bike of Aditya suddenly stopped!

So, Mithun got off his bike and said, “Aditya I am felling like I should die tonight.”

Aditya said, “What nonsense! I guess bro you are too much high right now. Don’t worry tomorrow you will be fine. Now let me start bike first and then I will listen to your nonsense ok?”

He tried self start, Kick start but the bike wasn’t getting started.

By seeing that all friends stopped their bikes as well and tried to help Aditya to start the bike.

Mean while, Mithun started to walk towards graveyard. He went towards one grave and started to check that grave from left to right and right to left!

Aditya suddenly noticed that Mithun is missing, so he started to search for him and found him in the graveyard.

Aditya yelled at Mithun, “Hey Mithun, What you doing there? Are you out of your mind?”

After listening this, Mithun came back and said, “Aditya, there is one lady sleeping over there. She was the one I saw while we were drinking. She was calling me, that’s why I told you guys to go ahead, I wanted to go with her but you guys didn’t let me go.”

After listening this, everybody got scared because they neither saw any lady at place where they were drinking nor at the graveyard.

Everybody thought that Mithun is possessed by someone and it was not his casual behaviour.

Aditya ran away to get some help from the villager who knows all this.

Mean while everyone else tried to change Mithun’s mind by changing topics.

Finally Aditya saw a chicken shop and narrated the whole scenario to the shopkeeper.

After listening all this, Shopkeeper agreed to come with Aditya to help him. As soon as Mithun saw that shopkeeper coming towards him, He shouted, “Hey, don’t come near me! I know you are that chicken shopkeeper right?” Everybody got shocked that how Mithun came to know that shopkeeper as it was first time Mithun has visited this place ever in his life!

He further said, “Don’t come near me! Don’t, Don’t come! If you will come near me, I will once again suicide in that river!”

Now everybody was damn scared and so sure that he was possessed, As his words mentioned that someone in his body had done suicide earlier. It was a demonic possession.

Shopkeeper got who was it and started chanting some mantras. As soon as he started chanting, Mithun fell on the ground.

Everybody rushed towards Mithun, sprinkled some water on his face. Mithun started to gain his consciousness and asked, “Guys, What happened?”

Everyone was happy to have their friend Mithun back and thanked shopkeeper for his help, and headed back to home.

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    Nice Story ??

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      Thank you so much Vikrant 🙂