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Tutak Tutak Tutiya Review

My Rating: Review Complete entertainment package!! Once you start watching this movie, you will not even take a single break, the movie is so interesting. No doubt Prabhu Deva and Tamannah are great actors. They have done a great job in this movie too. Prabhu Deva and his comedy timing are perfect. His south Indian […]

The Last Promise

Vihaan and Arjun were best friends. They were together since childhood. They were in the same school. They always used to hang out together. Sooner they grew up. They passed out of the college after completing graduation. Later they got jobs in a different office. Arjun had a bad habit of smoking. He always used […]

Lucy Review

My Rating: Review What a brilliant movie!!! I was just surprised to see such an awesomely created movie on a very deep and complex subject “Brain”. A big round of applause to everyone who is involved in this film. Great effort, great imagination, great story, everything was perfect. Scarlett Johansson is the best casting choice […]

The Boy 2016 Review

My Rating: Review Very average movie!! The whole movie is picturized inside a big house. An old aged couple had a son named Brahms. They said that he was dead some years ago. Since his death, they got a doll with them and they used to believe that their son was present in the doll. […]

Kanchana 2 Review

My Rating: Review Highly impressive movie. Yet another gem added to Kanchana series. Keeping the base same, the movie did not fail to impress and entertain the viewers. The movie is standing tall with the record-breaking first movie. It is not a sequel to the previous film, Kanchana, but it has the previous cast and […]

Annabelle (2014) Review

My Rating: Review Not up to the mark!! I really liked The Conjuring, I thought this will also be the cherry on the cake since it is showing the reason why conjuring happened. The filmmakers tried to put the detailed story of Annabelle but they failed to add that horror, scare and thrill in the […]

IT Movie (2017) Review

My Rating: Review Movie is really good!! The Pennywise clown is shown exceptionally well. I must say the movie IT is better than the 1990 television movie. Also, I liked the way they have brought the signature scene from the old show, Georgie peeping into the drain duct for his paper sailboat. He sees a […]