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A Quiet Place Review

My Rating: Review Amazing movie!!! Best movie, best direction, best storyline, and best execution. All the actors have done a tremendous job. A Quiet Place movie has almost no dialogues in it, still, you are curious about what next, highly impressive!!! The struggle of the whole family to survive is picturized pretty well. The father […]

Annabelle Creation 2017 Review

My Rating: Review Curious about how the evil doll Annabelle came into existence? Here is a story of Annabelle Creation. The story is nicely written and executed well. This movie has many interesting horror scenes. Annabelle Creation, I must say, is a roller coaster of scare jumps, super creepy horror scenes, darkness and spine chilling […]

Annabelle Comes Home Review

My Rating: Review Highly engaging movie. The movie perfectly justifies the title “Annabelle Comes Home”. She actually shows her strong presence in the house. The movie goes slow in the first part as it has to pick up the horror pace. Later in the second half, all the horror scenes, jump scares come into the […]

Khamoshi Review

My Rating: Review Average movie. I went to watch this film just because of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah. The movie started off with good suspense. The base of the story was nice, but they did not execute well. No doubt Prabhu Deva has played an outstanding role of a psycho killer. I feel that the […]

Game Over (2019) Review

My Rating: Review Excellent movie!! Kudos to the Team of Game Over.???? Taapsee Pannu has done a tremendous role of a girl suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Her fear is so nicely picturized that we could actually feel her anxiety, tension, and fear. The whole movie is based on women empowerment. on a woman’s […]

Conjuring 2 Review

My Rating: Review Wow!! What a better sequel this is. Most of the movie have their sequel which is not up to the mark. But The Conjuring 2 did not disappoint the viewers. The movie stands tall hand in hand in the Conjuring universe. This movie has sharp scare jumps. The scare object like ghosts, […]

Conjuring (2013) Review

My Rating: Review The best horror movie I have ever seen. This movie purely wins the scare game. The movie gives a nice feel of classic horror films, well picturized retro era. The best part of Conjuring is the Suspense in the film. The suspense is maintained beautifully throughout the movie, many scenes are so […]