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My Rating: Review Ssupperrr entertaining movie!!! I had a blast watching this film. Honestly, I was just having a glimpse of this movie on YouTube, luckily I ended up on to a comedy scene, it was damn funny I was almost rolling on the floor laughing. Then I decided to watch the whole movie. Surprisingly […]

1920 (2008) Review

My Rating: Review What a fantastic movie!! The screenplay of the movie is really great that you feel the essence of 1920’s time. Rajneesh Duggal as Arjun Singh and Adah Sharma as Lisa have done a great job. Lisa, when she gets possessed, will freak you out. She is horrifyingly fantastic. She will scare you […]

Don’t Breathe Review

My Rating: Review Incredibly thrilling experience!!! Don’t Breathe will actually make you skip a few breaths. The trio of thieves enter into a house for theft and they find that there is a man exist in the house at that time. They all become alert and they are damn good at it. After some time […]

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Review

My Rating: Review One of my all-time favorite movies. Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a horror comedy film. The movie is so interesting and funny, I watch it every time whenever it comes on TV. Some scenes are cut when it comes on TV. It is a super entertaining film ever. The story, comedy, screenplay, cast everything […]

Stree Review

My Rating: Review Again a Bollywood horror hit!! This movie is based on a true story from Bangalore. The movie is a horror comedy, will keep you entertaining throughout the movie. The female ghost is picturized well. Her entry will make you go crazy every time she comes. The sound effects are exceptional. Rajkumar Rao […]

Hereditary Review

My Rating: Review Hereditary is an average movie. The movie has an interesting story in the beginning. It starts with suspense and silence. The pace is pretty slow. You will keep thinking something is going to happen next. Milly Shapiro played the role of a 13-year-old Charlie. Her look is slightly strange and haunting also […]

Orphan (2009) Review

My Rating: Review Simply Perfection!! It is one of the best psychological thriller and suspense movies with a highly unexpected horrifying climax. The movie has a very interesting story base which will keep you engaged throughout. The orphan girl character is written and picturized incredibly. Isabelle Fuhrman gave a complete justice to her role of […]

13B: Fear Has a New Address Review

My Rating: Review I loved this film. 13B is a psychological thriller horror movie. The story of this movie is fantastic and the climax is highly unexpected. The story will keep you engaged throughout the movie. The suspense is maintained throughout the film, that you won’t even go for a bathroom break. You will stick […]

Autopsy of Jane Doe Review

My Rating: Review Great movie. This movie is simple and straightforward but at some point, it will play with your mind and it will make you think what to believe. Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch have played a father and son’s role who are morticians and Olwen Catherine Kelly has played the role of Jane […]

The Possession of Hannah Grace Review

My Rating: Review The Possession of Hannah Grace is a good and must watch horror film. The story is about a girl gets a job at morgue. She being the only girl working at morgue that too in graveyard shift makes you feel sad for seeing her in trouble many times during the movie. Whole […]