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Ghost messenger – The message sender

This story is about ghost messenger in village. This incident happened long back, at that time when we as a human race have not discovered all the technology advances that not only changed our day to day life but also made it more fast and easy. This is story of a man who used to […]

Haunted Hostel in India | Horror story in College

Incident I am going to share with you is the real incident happened in one engineering college at Ratnagiri, konkan, Maharashtra. It is a haunted hostel in India. I am not allowed to disclose the name of the college due to some privacy issues. I was completely freaked out when I heard about this incident […]

Ghost in night – Stranger at night

There are many incidents with ghost in night. This is also a one of the such horrifying experiences. It’s a story of an old Uncle whom I recently acquainted. He used to live all alone in his house as his wife met with an accident a year ago. And she passed away. He used to […]