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Khavish – The evil spirit

This story is about Konkan spirit called “Khavish”. My friend Shubham and his family went to village in Konkan. One night they all had dinner and they were sitting and talking to each other. They were having a very good family time. Suddenly Shubham’s dad, Satish heard something inside the trees nearby the house. He […]

Haunted Cemetery

It’s a horrifying story of 13 years old young girl Maria who had unknowing connection with a haunted cemetery. One day it was her maths exam. Like normal day she got up early and got ready on her own. She was a brilliant student. And also she was an independent girl. She used to do […]

A Ghost in Konkan

I am going to share a real incident of a Ghost in Konkan. It is a story of Arjun and Rajiv. They both are best friends. Arjun had a plan to go to his village in Konkan. One day, casually he said to his friend Rajiv, “Buddy, I am going to my village this weekend. […]

Possessed Bike – ghost rider bike

This is the real incident happened with my friend Aayush. He saw a ghost rider bike at night in Mumbai. This scene got him chills in his spine. I would like to share his experience with you.  Aayush is a stress taker and never goes to sleep on time. Because of his stressful life, even if […]