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Ghost in Aarey Colony – A haunting night

This is the real story of ghost in Aarey colony which is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. About a decade ago, there was an auto rickshaw driver, who was driving his auto rickshaw at night in the Aarey colony. Usually no one uses that road for travelling after sunset, as it has […]

Demonic possession – A horrifying incident

It’s the real demonic possession happened with my friend Aditya. One day Aditya and his friends went to his village. They were riding their motor cycles in the afternoon. As they all had gone for trip after so many days, they decided to sit and drink to enjoy the moment. After sometime they all were […]

A vacation with ghost friends

Have you ever experienced a vacation with ghost friends? If not, this is a story which will definitely haunt you. It’s a story about two boys named Rohit and Sameer. These two boys were living in a place where there was all greenery. They were living in a farmhouse. It was surrounded by trees, plants. […]

The unknown man in dark shadow

This is the true story of an unknown man in dark shadow narrated by my friend Keyur. He stays in Mumbai. It was a month of April so, his exams got over and he was confused about the place to visit in vacation. Every year they all used to go for outstation trip. Since his […]