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Ghost on Highway

This is the creepiest incident ever happened at Virar where a man met with a ghost on highway.  It was 12:15 AM. A man was waiting for rickshaw on highway. He wanted to go to the Virar railway station. He searched for rickshaw but it was too late, so he did not get any. He […]

Trip to USA | Ghost in Hotel – USA

This story is witnessed by my friend’s dad Mr. Sagar. It is a real incident of Ghost in Hotel – USA. Sagar is a musician. He always travels all over the world for his music concerts with his team. This time they all got a chance to perform in the USA. They all were so excited. The […]

True Friendship

This is the real incident happened in Konkan about the friendly ghost. It is a story of two friends, Deepak and Ankush. They lived in a small village. They were childhood friends. As they grew up, they started finding a source of earning. Within some days only both got jobs. Deepak and Ankush’s jobs were not […]

Half Man Half Horse – The Mysterious Horse

Following incident of Goa will give you goosebumps! A group of friends gone for a Goa trip. Goa is a place of mesmerizing shores, night parties at beach, adventure sports, royal casinos, drinks and lots of fun. They enjoyed 2 nights till the fullest. But on the third night what happened, was really horrible. It […]

The Last Train – an incident in Virar train

It is a story about Last train from Virar. It’s a real incident in Virar train. A guy who used to work in an IT company. He was that kind of person who does not believe in ghosts. He always used to say “I’m not afraid of ghosts. They’re all fake.” One day due to […]