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Welcome to Indian horror stories!

We would like to warn you that if you are not afraid of ghosts, spirits and you think that they don’t exist, then this site is not for you..
Because after reading all real stories, you might start believing in supernatural powers and their existence.
The real stories written on this site are narrated by witnesses and they are totally creepy and will surely give you nightmares! So,

Read at your own risk!



श्री हनुमान मंदिर सारंगपुर… भूतों का अंत

कुणाल की एक बहन है, सीमा। उसकी शादी हो गयी है और वो अपने ससुराल यानी के जोधपुर में रहती ...
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IT Chapter 2 Review

My Rating: Review Another smashing sequel of IT chapter 1. Actually, I should not say its a sequel. It is ...
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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Review

My Rating: Review Average movie. The movie is based on the scary stories books published in the early 90s and ...
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Tutak Tutak Tutiya Review

My Rating: Review Complete entertainment package!! Once you start watching this movie, you will not even take a single break, ...
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The Last Promise

Vihaan and Arjun were best friends. They were together since childhood. They were in the same school. They always used ...
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Lucy Review

My Rating: Review What a brilliant movie!!! I was just surprised to see such an awesomely created movie on a ...
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The Boy 2016 Review

My Rating: Review Very average movie!! The whole movie is picturized inside a big house. An old aged couple had ...
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Kanchana 2 Review

My Rating: Review Highly impressive movie. Yet another gem added to Kanchana series. Keeping the base same, the movie did ...
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Annabelle (2014) Review

My Rating: Review Not up to the mark!! I really liked The Conjuring, I thought this will also be the ...
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IT Movie (2017) Review

My Rating: Review Movie is really good!! The Pennywise clown is shown exceptionally well. I must say the movie IT ...
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A Quiet Place Review

My Rating: Review Amazing movie!!! Best movie, best direction, best storyline, and best execution. All the actors have done a ...
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Annabelle Creation 2017 Review

My Rating: Review Curious about how the evil doll Annabelle came into existence? Here is a story of Annabelle Creation ...
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Annabelle Comes Home Review

My Rating: Review Highly engaging movie. The movie perfectly justifies the title "Annabelle Comes Home". She actually shows her strong ...
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Khamoshi Review

My Rating: Review Average movie. I went to watch this film just because of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah. The movie ...
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