Uninvited wedding guests | A deadly haunting story of ghost wedding

Uninvited Wedding Guests

It is a story of Ramesh who lives in Mumbai. He is a very hardworking person. His parents had decided a girl for him. She used to live in Village.
All the planning for marriage were started. Ramesh’s wedding was planned at the girl’s place. Ramesh invited all his friends to attend the wedding in the village. These friends were from his college times. They all used to hang out often.

These friends were so happy that Ramesh is getting married. They all friends took a car to travel. They started the journey in morning around 9 AM. The journey is about 7 hours as per the google maps. Ketan was driving the car. He had to pick up everyone from their respective places. But as we all know that in such traveling, someone is late lateef. In their group, 3 people were late lateef. So waiting for them made the actual journey start so late. Finally, everybody was in the car and the headed towards Ramesh’s village.

They all played loud music in the car. Everybody was enjoying the road trip. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Traffic jam on road. They got stuck for hours. They got so frustrated.

Finally, after waiting so long, they got a clear way. They took a breath of relief. And again trip continued. They reached the nearest city from his village. They asked for the address to a passerby. He showed them direction.

The path was going through a jungle. Ketan took the car from that path. It was late evening. There was pitch dark night in the jungle. Nobody could see anything if there is no light. Ketan kept moving the car on the path. But suddenly the car stopped. “What’s wrong?”, everyone asked fearfully. Ketan got down to check what’s the matter. Ketan opened the bonnet and started inspecting.

Suddenly they heard a sound coming from so long towards them. Gradually the sound was becoming louder. Everybody recognized that it is baraat. They saw that a group of people holding light lamps on their heads. Others were dancing on the beat. The groom was on the horse.

Samir was a photographer. He was so curious about the wedding. He loves to capture the special moments. By seeing this baraat coming towards them, he got so excited. He took out his camera out till than Ketan was trying to fix the car. When the baraat was passing by, he took nice pictures. Captured videos since it was the first village tradition marriage witnessed by them.

All baraati were wearing colorful dresses. They were dancing so good. It was a folk dance. The beat was also different than usual. But it was too good and catchy.

After 10 mins the baraat crossed the car and luckily Ketan somehow managed to repair the car.
They all started their journey to Ramesh’s village again.

After a very long journey, they finally reached his village and met their best friend Ramesh. They all congratulated him and wished him good luck for his future. They all were happy that their friend was going to marry tomorrow and they were excited to visit the girl’s village too.

At night they all were gossiping since they had met each other after a very long time. As they all were planning about next day’s marriage, Samir recollected about the tonight’s photo shoot and took out his camera from his bag and started scrolling pictures.

While scrolling few pics, he was completely freaked out! His face suddenly became so expressionless, all friends started asking him, “What happened Samir?” But he wasn’t saying a single word!

They all shook him but he was just constantly staring at the camera and wasn’t saying a word.
Then Ketan took the camera off from Samir’s hand to check what Samir is looking at that made him speechless.
Ketan started scrolling pics but there was nothing in the pics except trees and bushes.

Samir told, “Ketan, I clicked the pictures of baraati but there is no one in that photo!!!”
Ketan noticed this as well and nodded affirmatively. It was the same place from where the baraat was passing through in photos. There were Ramesh’s friend’s photos too. But none of them from baraati.

Ramesh said, “What nonsense! I know you guys are again trying your tricks of pranking and I am not going to believe in you guys.” and started laughing sarcastically.

Ketan said, “Ramesh not this time. We are not pranking, it’s serious man! Why should we think of pranking at this auspicious occasion of yours. The baraat was there we all saw it. I was repairing the car and baraat passed away.”

Everybody nodded yes. Ramesh got freaked out. Ramesh did not have anything to say on this because he was also listening to this for the first time.

While they all were talking, an old aged man was sitting nearby. He heard their conversation. He stood up slowly with the help of his stick and he started walking towards Ramesh’s friends.

An old man said, “Children, I believe on what you all saw on the previous night. I will tell you what the scene was. Around 50 decades ago, there a farmer in this village. He was a handicap. He was so hardworking. Only he and his father used to live together. His mother died. He was so unhappy with his life. He used to curse God for giving him birth as a handicap. The neighbor once told him that he will never get married because he is handicapped. This thing hurt him so much. Again he used to curse his life.

But one day, a proposal of marriage from other village came for this farmer. He was so happy that finally something happening is going to be in his life. He was so excited about his marriage. And finally, the big day came. He rode on the Ghodi(horse) and the baraat started moving towards the bride’s village. The baraat was passing from that jungle. After walking so much, they reached on road of main city. They all were passing from the corner of the road and suddenly a truck came from behind and ran over all the people. Everybody was found dead on the spot.

Since that horrible incident, many people have seen the same baraati of ghost wedding passing from this jungle.
They did not harm anyone. But whenever if we see such thing anywhere, we should not utter a word. Just let them follow their ritual.”

Ramesh and his friends were stunned after listening to this horrifying incident. Samir quickly deleted all those photos that he clicked. They all barely had some food and went to sleep. They all just wanted to forget whatever they saw.

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