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Trip to USA | Ghost in Hotel – USA

This story is witnessed by my friend’s dad Mr. Sagar. It is a real incident of Ghost in Hotel – USA. Sagar is a musician. He always travels all over the world for his music concerts with his team.
This time they all got a chance to perform in the USA. They all were so excited. The team made all the preparation for a concert and flew off to the USA.
After landing, they checked into the hotel and went to their respective rooms. Everybody was so tired. They took some rest. Because they should feel fresh for better performance in concert.
The concert was in the evening. The concert was a hit. They received great response from the audience. The whole team did a celebration. After that, they returned to their hotel. Everybody went to their rooms.

There was a coward guy in their team named Rahul. He used to believe that there is some supernatural thing roaming around. And it is gonna hurt him. He had got an extreme fear of ghost. If someone said any ghost story to him, he used to get so scared. He couldn’t sleep the whole night.
Everybody in the team used to tease him due to his ghost fear.

It was night, Rahul was in his room all alone. He was feeling scared to be lonely. So he called Mr. Sagar and Mahesh to be with him. Both went to his room to accompany Rahul. They spent almost an hour with him. They were feeling sleepy so they said Rahul, “Okay Rahul, we are feeling very sleepy. We will go to our room. You also sleep now. Take rest. Good night.”
Rahul got tensed. He said cowardly, “Please don’t leave me alone here. I can’t sleep alone. Please.” Sagar and Mahesh knew about Rahul’s fear. So they decided to stay there. They slept beside Rahul in his room only.

It was almost 3 AM. All of sudden Rahul started shouting, “Go away. Go away. Don’t come to me. Go away.” Sagar and Mahesh got up scared. Sagar quickly ran and switched on the lights.
They saw that Rahul was sleep talking. They tried to wake him up. “Rahul….Rahul..get up.” They said and Rahul stopped sleep talking. They thought “He is asleep now. Let’s get back to sleep.”
As they were trying to sleep, within 5 minutes, suddenly Rahul’s body started shaking badly. They got up and saw Rahul. Both were shocked, “What’s happening to Rahul?”
They tried to hold Rahul. But still, he was shaking badly. So Mahesh held Rahul’s arms and Sagar held his legs. They shouted, “Rahul…wake up!!!”

Mahesh quickly ran and brought water. Poured on Rahul’s face.
Rahul woke up and said, “What’s wrong with you guys? Why did you pour water on my face?”
Sagar said, “Rahul, Are you OK? What happened to you? Don’t you know? Did you have a bad dream? you were shaking so badly.”
Rahul said, “What rubbish! I did not do anything. I was in a deep sleep. And you woke me up by pouring water on my face.” Rahul got up from bed to wipe his face.

He removed the blanket from his body. Then what!! Rahul’s legs were folded.
Sagar asked Rahul, “When did you fold your legs?”
Rahul said, “I always sleep with my legs folded only. I never keep them straight!.”

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