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The unknown man in dark shadow

This is the true story of an unknown man in dark shadow narrated by my friend Keyur. He stays in Mumbai. It was a month of April so, his exams got over and he was confused about the place to visit in vacation.

Every year they all used to go for outstation trip.

Since his mom and dad both were busy, they asked him to go to the village and stay there for 15 days with granny. After that “We will come to pick you and we will go to Goa!”

The boy was happy and started packing up his cloths for village.

His dad asked the driver to take Keyur to the village and Keyur reached there the very next day.

Keyur had a friend from his village named Tushar. They were very good friends. Though they used to meet only once in a year but distance never affected their friendship.

Keyur was very happy to meet Tushar after a year and they used to play whole day, go fishing, and swimming in the river nearby. It was completely a funtime for both of them.

One day they had gone to the funfair in the other village. They were so busy in playing games and watching plays in the funfair, They completely forgot about the time and it was past 6 PM and sun started setting.

Tushar said, “Oh no! Keyur it’s 6:15 PM! We must rush to home other wise my mother will scold both of us!”

Keyur said, “Oh yes, Let’s go or else it will be pitch dark over here and we won’t be able to see even the roads”.

Tushar said,” Don’t worry, Our village roads have got street lights now and I have also carried battery light along with me for safety.”

Keyur said, “Oh, Tushar, You are so smart! I wish I could be as smart as you. But now we have got lights so lets stay here for some more time as there is nothing to worry right?”.

Tushar said,” Yes bro, but the only thing which I am worried about is that there will be no one on the road because people in our village don’t leave their homes after 7 PM”.

Keyur said, “Why is it so?”

Tushar said, “I will explain it to you later, Now let’s hurry up it’s 6:25 PM!”

They both left from the funfair and headed towards their village.

On the way, they were talking about the fun they had in funfair and their school’s experiences etc.

It was 7 PM and they were walking on the long straight road covered with trees. It was complete pitch dark except the street lights. But unlike the city roads, Light poles were at a distance from each other.

As it was 7 PM, Tushar got quiet suddenly and Keyur noticed that.

Keyur asked, “What happened buddy? Why you are so quiet all of sudden?”

Tushar looked towards Keyur and said, “Keyur, Listen carefully! No matter what, Don’t look behind.”

Keyur got confused that why Tushar is saying like this and why he shouldn’t look behind? What’s wrong?

Keyur asked, “Why?? What if I look behind, What will happen?”

Tushar said, “Do you trust me? Then don’t look behind”.

Keyur said, “But why?? I want to see what’s behind”.

Tushar said, “Please Keyur, for god sake don’t look behind! I am telling you, I live here. I know better. If I am telling you, why are you not listening to me then?”

Keyur said, “I want to see that’s it.”

Tushar said, “Okay you won’t listen to me right? You want to see?? You want to see???”

Keyur said, “Yes!”

Tushar said, “Look ahead!”

They saw that there was a big man in dark shadow walking along with them as if some very huge thing is behind them and its following them!

By seeing this, Keyur was completely freaked out and looked towards Tushar with frightful eyes.

Tushar tried to tell him to keep mum and walk through his gestures.

Luckily they reached their homes safely and that big thing did not hurt them.

Tushar told him, “That shadow has been seen by many villages but did not harm them. But the villagers have said not to look behind if something like this happens. That’s why I was telling you not to look behind.”

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  • Janhavi
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    This page is making me addictive nw 😀
    Gr8 story (y)

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      Thank you Janhavi. I hope you like other stories too. Do read all and let me know how did you find it.