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The Interview Call

I am a content writer and I do content writing on permanent as well as contract basis. One day I got an interview call. When I received the call and I heard very unclear whispering voice which was barely recognizable. So I said, “Sorry ma’am, I can’t hear you.” I tried to figure out what she was saying. I was only able to make out following four words, “press, 3,4,7.” So I pressed 3,4,7 on my keypad.

As soon as I did it, my line got disconnected. On another side of the line, there was a girl. Her voice felt satanic to me. She said, “We have an opening for a content writer and we are looking for a candidate just like you. We have seen your previous work and we are impressed with your work. So we want you to join us asap. How much salary package are you expecting?.” I said, “Hold on. Hold on. Before joining, please tell me something about your company.” As soon as I asked about the company, there was a disturbance in line and my call got disconnected.

I tried calling them back on that same number but instead of ringing, I heard disturbance once again but this time I can hear very subtle ominous screams. I felt like they were calling my name. It felt creepy, it terrified me but I kept the call on because I was really curious about the situation. As soon as my timer hit 3:47 my call got disconnected.

After that call, they did not call or email me about the job. Many days went. Even I forgot about that call and that incident until I received a text message from the same number.

It stated address of company with company’s name “Inferno Associates”. So next day I decided to visit them.

I reached to location. It was 7 story building. When I entered building premises, it looked newly built to me as there were walls still pending for color work. I looked for the security to ask which way to go for a lift. He wasn’t there in his place so I went ahead to look for a lift all by myself. I managed to find the lift. I board the lift.

As lift’s door was closing I saw that one old lady slowly walking towards the lift which I was in so I reopened the door for her. She entered, I asked which floor she wants to go. She didn’t reply, she didn’t even look at me and I was waiting patiently. I thought she might not be able to hear things properly at her age. So I showed her button 1 in the lift, again she didn’t move or even looked at me. So I thought she must be saving her energy. I should keep pointing to numbers, she will notify me once I point to her destination floor.

So I went and showed her button no. 2, 3 and so on but both the time she stood there like a solid rock. I was frustrated by her behavior still I went ahead and showed her number 4, she started grunting slowly. So I pressed 4 for her. And I pressed 7 for mine as it was mentioned in the address I received earlier in the text.

The lift started to climb up as soon as it did, that lady next to me gradually started grunting more. I was feeling really horrible at that moment at the same time. I was worried about her, lift already crossed 2 floors so I quickly pressed 3rd floor to stop the lift and help that lady. Lift didn’t stop at 3rd floor. My fear grew on me so I kicked to lift door in the hope it will open because I wanted to really get out of the situation I was in.

As I kicked the door, that old lady stopped her grunting and she became rock as she was before. Lift went on the 4th floor and lift stopped. The old lady went out slowly without acknowledging my existence. I never felt so relieved to see her go out of the lift. As soon as lift’s door closed, I took deep breaths to keep myself calm because I had to go for an interview.

My lift reached the 7th floor. It opened, as it opened I saw company’s name on the wall opposite to my lift. I went out and went to the office, there was no reception. I peeped into the office. Everybody in the office was sitting on the desk doing their job monotonously. There was pin-drop silence. No moving and no talking. I felt everything very out of its place and orchestrated.

I looked around for HR but she wasn’t at her desk instead there was an envelope with my name on it. Along with a letter stating that she had an emergency so she had to go but she left behind an offer letter for me so I could take that envelope along with me. I found everything weird in that office. I wanted to go out of that place so without thinking much. So I took that envelope and rushed to lift. I entered lift pressed ground level button. My lift started going down.

Meanwhile, I got curious about the envelope and what’s inside it. I looked into it, there was an offer letter. I took that offer letter out of the envelope. But something fell down from the envelope. I bent down and picked up the thing. Oh my god!! It was a photo of that old lady. I got chills in my spine. I started sweating due to fear. My lift reached the ground floor. Somehow I came out of the lift. I was shocked as well as horrified by the situation I was in.

So many questions started running through my head. “Why did HR give me that old lady’s photo?, Who is that old lady? If she is connected with this company, then why she got down from lift at the 4th floor?” and many more. I wanted answers to my questions. So I pressed floor 7 to seek the answers. Lift didn’t go up. I tried pressing other number buttons of lift. But that didn’t work. When I pressed No. 3, the lift automatically went up. On floor 3, again lift didn’t open. Instead, it went to floor 7 directly.

When it opened on the 7th floor, I was paralyzed from shock. I saw “Welcome to Hell” sign in place of company’s name. The whole place had turned out a burning entry to hell. All walls were in red color and there was fire all over the place. There was a loud mixed sounds like different creatures howling. I was hearing thousands of satanic screams saying my name.

To be continued…

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