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Psst, will you play with me?

ghost boy

I am a working girl in Mumbai city. I am born and raised in small city near Chandigarh. I wanted to make my career in Mumbai so I decided to move there, I rented a flat for me. The flat was 2 BHK very well furnished, that too in the middle of the city so I rent it anyway though I needed only 1 BHK. As I said, the flat was 2 BHK so I decided to share that flat with another girl. In that case, I will get a company of someone and all the work even rent of the flat will be shared between us so it was win win situation for me. I gave an advert about it in the newspaper. As soon as I did that, I received lots of inquiries about the same.

From all of them, I said selected one girl for a flat sharing. She had just moved to Mumbai in search for a Job. She was a very beautiful girl with a golden heart. In a very little span of time, she became very friendly to me. I got easily connected with her that’s the only one reason that I chose her.

On the first day itself, I felt so close to her that she was like my sister. More I got to know about her, I was surprised to find that she was also a friend of my best friend. We shared many things with each other, we had dinner together, we watched a movie together, everything was going great, we were having fun especially I was having fun after long time. It was too late so I decided to call for a day. I told her, “Dear I am feeling sleepy. I am going off to sleep. Good night.” And I went into my bedroom. I fell asleep as soon as I land in bed.

My alarm rang, I got up. It was 7 in the morning. I went into the living room. Nidhi was sleeping on the couch. The TV was on. I turned off the TV and woke her up. Nidhi quickly got up and made a breakfast for us. She was so helpful. I had the breakfast and I left for office. She stayed in the room only.

I had too much work at the office. It was not possible for me to reach home and have dinner with Nidhi. So I called her on her phone, “Hi Nidhi, Sorry I will not able to have dinner with you tonight. I will have mine here in the office only. You make dinner for you only and have it on time . I will try my best to come home as early as possible. If I get late, don’t wait for me, go to sleep. I got the keys.” Then Nidhi answered, “No didi, I will wait till you come home. I will have mine then.”

“How sweet she is! ” I thought and I said, “Ok Nidhi, I will come home soon.”

I came back home at 11 pm. It was a hectic day for me. I was too tired. I saw Nidhi waiting for me so that we can do gupshup while having dinner. But I was so exhausted. Hence I said, “Sorry dear, I am too tired, will talk to you tomorrow.” and I directly went into my bedroom, I threw my bag aside and went to sleep.

The alarm rang, it was 7 am. I got up and looked for Nidhi as I could not talk to her last night & I behaved very badly with her. In the living room, she was sleeping on the couch. I thought not to wake her up. Today also the TV was on. So I turned off the TV.

I thought Nidhi might be feeling scared in a new place so she keeps the TV on and goes off to sleep.I did all my house chorus and went to the office. I will have a talk with her about these in this weekend. That weekend, I brought dinner for both of us. While having dinner, I asked her, “Nidhi, do you mind if I ask you, why do you sleep in the living room and not in your room.”

She said, “No didi, I am fine here. I don’t want to disturb you. This couch is a nice place for me to sleep. I am comfortable here. Don’t worry.”

I felt bad for her so I said, “You are going to sleep beside me tonight. I can’t let you sleep in the living room and that too on that couch. My bed is big enough, we both can sleep there comfortably.”

She hesitated but I forced her too much. Finally, she agreed. After too much gossiping, we went to sleep at 1 am. I instantly went to sleep as soon as I closed my eyes. Nidhi might also have slept in some time.

At around 3 am, Nidhi started shouting, “Hey! Go away!! I said, go away. Do not touch anything. Go from here.” I got up frightened. I did not know whom she was talking to. There was no one in the bedroom other than both of us. She was shouting by looking at the wall in front of us. I shook her, I thought she might be sleep talking. Nidhi looked into my eyes and said, “Didi, I am awake. But he is not letting me sleep. Tell him to go from here.”

I said, “But who is there? I can not see anyone.” She said, “Look there. He is near the cupboard.” I got shocked. Because I did not know about whom she was talking about. I got so terrified. I told her, “Nidhi, come on, sleep now. There is nobody.” And somehow I was able to make her sleep.

Next morning, I got up. Nidhi was sleeping calmly. I did not wish to wake her up. So I made breakfast for her and kept on the table. I finished all my work and left for office. At night, I returned home.

And I saw that Nidhi was packing her bag. I did not know why she was doing so. I asked her, “Dear, what happened? Why are you packing your bag?” She said, “Didi, I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I should be going.” I pulled her bag and kept aside. I said to her, “You are not going anywhere. Don’t you like to stay here?” She said, “No Didi, I don’t have any problem here. But I don’t want to trouble you.” I forcefully said, “I don’t want to listen to anything. You are not going anywhere that’s it.”

So she agreed and we sat for dinner. Sometime after dinner, we went to sleep in my bedroom. At around 3:30 am, Nidhi started shouting again, “Get out. Don’t touch my bag. Please go from here.” I was shocked. I saw that her bag opened automatically and the clothes started flying out from her bag.

I got frightened. I quickly ran out of the bedroom and called her to come out. She said, “No Didi, there is no use. He will come there also, he can go anywhere. He will keep following us.” I got faint and fell on the floor there itself. I opened my eyes in the morning, quickly took my phone and ran out of my house. I was very scared. Also, I started crying. I did not know what was that, why it was happening. I was horribly scarred.

So I called our mutual friend for help and explained him everything. After listening to his reply, I was terribly shocked.

He said, “Sorry dear, while referring to her, I did not tell you one thing about her. Whatever you saw was real. There is a boy in your house.” His words sent shivers down my spine.

“Yes!! He is a ghost. He is always with Nidhi. I will tell you from where it all started. One night, Nidhi was driving her car on the highway. At some distance, she saw that a family met with an accident. All the people were just standing around and looking at them. She felt bad about it. There was a man, his wife, and his son were bleeding. So she moved forward and helped that family. But unfortunately, the man and woman died till they reached the hospital. But the boy was alive. Doctors quickly took him to operation theater and operated him. Next morning, he opened his eyes. Nidhi felt so happy that she could save one life. She bought many chocolates for him. The boy thanked her a lot. He became very friendly with her. He was very happy playing with her.

But that night, unfortunately,Due to some undiagnosed internal injuries, he went into the coma. Suddenly happiness became sadness for her. Doctors tried their best to bring him out of the coma. But they could not. In the next 3 days, boy passed away.

Nidhi started crying, her heart was full of sorrow. She cried for the whole night. But at that night, what happened she was never expected. She was sitting on her bed and crying, and she heard a voice, “Didi, please don’t cry. I am here only.” Nidhi turned up her head and she saw, it was that boy!!

That boy does not know that he is dead. He likes to play with her. He always comes at night. If she is asleep, he wakes her up and forces her to play with him. Sometimes she gets frustrated and shouts at him, the ghost boy gets angry and he starts throwing the household things on the floor. Only Nidhi can see him in this world.

He never used to let her sleep at night. Hence she works for night shifts and she sleeps in the daytime. She is totally disturbed because of him. Her mother consulted many psychiatrists, priests, tantrik and babas. They all said that he is so powerful pure soul. We can not control him. He is not here to hurt anyone, but he is attached to Nidhi and the ghost boy will always be around her.

Nidhi even tried to change her house by thinking it might help her coming out of the situation, but when she packed her bags, the boy came and threw all the belongings from her bag.”

After listening to all this history, I felt terrible and sad too for her. And I went home. I felt, in this situation, she might feel all alone. She might need someone’s help and support. I can be that support for her. So told her that I know about everything. I told her that she can stay at my house as many days she wants. Nidhi stayed at the house for the next 5 days but in the living room only. Then her mother came and she went to her home.

This was an extremely horrifying experience of my life. I just wish that soon she will get rid of that ghost boy and can sleep peacefully at night.

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