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Possessed Bike – ghost rider bike

This is the real incident happened with my friend Aayush. He saw a ghost rider bike at night in Mumbai. This scene got him chills in his spine. I would like to share his experience with you. 

Aayush is a stress taker and never goes to sleep on time. Because of his stressful life, even if he tries to sleep early, he falls to sleep after 1 hour and even a little sound could wake him up from deep sleep.

He used to go to the bed at 1 AM and as soon as he falls asleep one biker used to ride his motorcycle which was making a very loud noise and Aayush used to wake up in anxiety!

He always used to curse that motorcycle man in his mind that “Why the hell he is riding bike at night and even if he wants to ride then ride the one which does not make any noise. I wish he should face the problem that I am facing right now and get himself disturbed by such noise, then he will realize what it is to make such huge noise just for show off purpose.”

Everyday this same scenario used to happen, Aayush tries to sleep and biker used to disturb him.

One day there was gathering in Aayush’s society at 7 PM. The day was Saturday and as the next day was holiday, Aayush and his friends decided to stay awake till late night and gossip and play games as they all met after a very long time.

It was 2 AM and suddenly Aayush remembered about that motorcycle man, So he asked his friends,”Have you guys heard of a motorcycle noise at this time every night?”

His friends nodded “Yes we all have heard.”

One friend said “Sometimes I feel like catching him and beating him up”

Aayush said,  “Hey guys, let’s do this? What say?”

Everyone agreed.

So they decided a plan to catch that biker and teach him a good lesson.

One of them will sleep in the center of the road pretending dead to stop that biker and others decided to hide under bushes. As soon as biker will stop his bike, Everyone else will go and catch him to beat him up that he will never forget in his entire life.

The plan was on and everyone was in his position.

One who was supposed to act dead was Rahul.

As soon as he heard noise coming from distance he took his position.

Everyone saw the bike coming from its headlight.

Bike was coming towards them and they got ready to attack as soon as biker stops.

Bike started coming near and near, everybody tried to have close look at the rider but what they saw was horrible!

They saw that there wasn’t any rider on that bike!!

Bike was riding on its own and was coming towards Rahul!

Everyone shouted, “Rahul get up and come here.”

Rahul quickly got up and ran towards them and he got terrified to see that possessed bike!

From that day they all hear that noise of ghost rider bike at night but no one dares to go back again there.

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