Khavish - The evil spirit

Khavish – The evil spirit

khavish-the spirit in konkan

This story is about Konkan spirit called “Khavish”. My friend Shubham and his family went to village in Konkan.
One night they all had dinner and they were sitting and talking to each other. They were having a very good family time.

Suddenly Shubham’s dad, Satish heard something inside the trees nearby the house. He thought there might be some animals have entered into the woods. So he went to see who is exactly there. He carried a torch and started walking towards the woods.

He was moving his torch around to see which animal is there. And what he saw. There was his friend Raju. Satish was shocked to see Raju there. Satish asked Raju, “Raju, what are you doing here? And that to at this time?”

Raju said, “I was just roaming here after dinner. Did you have dinner?” Satish said, “Yes I just had dinner. We were just sitting at home for sometime.”
Raju said, “After a very long time you have visited our village. Do come regularly. We miss you.”

Satish said, “Yes I feel like coming to village, but due to office work I can’t manage. Still I managed to come this time. I am very happy to see you.”

Raju said, “I am also very happy to see you.” Satish said, “Okay then Raju, I will make a move. I am feeling bit sleepy. I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye. Good night.”

Raju said, “No, wait Satish. We are meeting after a long time. Spend some time with me then go.” Satish said, “No Raju. I am really feeling sleepy. I cant wait here anymore.” and Satish turned his legs towards home.

Suddenly Raju held Satish’s hand and said, “Stop Satish, wait for sometime.” Satish found this a bit weird. Satish did not turned back. He freed his hand from Raju’s hand and started walking fast towards home.

Raju came running from behind. Raju pushed Satish. Satish fell on the ground. And Raju started dancing on Satish’s back. Satish could not bear the pain and also he was shocked what happening with him. Satish got faint there only.

Tomorrow morning Satish got up. He saw himself inside a empty water tank. Satish could not understand how did he reach there. He got up and came home.

Everybody took a breath of relief that Satish returned home. Because all family members were searching Satish whole night.

Satish was badly beaten up. Everybody asked what happened last night. Satish narrated whole story. The granny heard whole story. She said, “Satish, by god’s blessing you returned alive home. It was “Khavish” you met with. He was not your friend. Khavish is a ghost in Konkan villages. This ghost is said to be very angry and is a ghost of a man who was brutally killed. It is said to be very dangerous and cruel which takes anybody’s avatar, he tries to deceive you and tries to kill you. I will thank god that he kept you safe.”

Satish was so frightened after listening to this case. That day only Satish and his family returned to Mumbai.

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