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Haunted Hostel in India | Horror story in College

Incident I am going to share with you is the real incident happened in one engineering college at Ratnagiri, konkan, Maharashtra. It is a haunted hostel in India. I am not allowed to disclose the name of the college due to some privacy issues.

I was completely freaked out when I heard about this incident as it was witnessed by my best friend Amruta.

Amruta lives in Mumbai but due to her low grades she had to take admission at Ratnagiri which is quite far away from her residential place. As it’s far from her house, she decided to stay at the college’s hostel till she completes her engineering course of 4 years.

It was quite new experience for her to get settled in village area as she was born and brought up at city. Though she managed, she made new friends who were her roommates and 1 year she passed on very happily and without any trouble.

One day she heard news of one boy committed suicide by jumping into the river nearby that college. His name was Rohan. Amruta was completely freaked out by knowing this and she asked about details of his suicide to Rohan’s friends. They told her that yesterday they went near the river to drink and hangout with their group of friends. It was around 6pm, they thought they should leave as it was getting dark.

One guy said, “yes, yes let’s leave now, else our moms will start shouting over the call only”.
Everyone started laughing and nodded yes.
Rohan didn’t say any word. He was very quiet and was staring constantly at the river.
That was quite unusual as Rohan was the most talkative guy of that group.
One friend asked, “What’s the matter Rohan? You love to hear scolding or what?”
Everyone laughed again and said come on let’s go and started walking ahead to leave that place.

As soon as they went little ahead, they heard a loud sound as if someone has jumped into the river. They turned back and saw that Rohan had jumped and he was drowning. That was actually very weird as Rohan was state level swimmer and how he could be drowning? .
By seeing him drowning some boys jumped into the river but they couldn’t find him. Some boys ran to get help from villagers. Villagers came to help but they found him dead.

By seeing their friend dead, they all felt very bad that why they couldn’t save him!
Amruta felt so bad and at the same time she was confused thinking why Rohan must have done it?
After Rohan’s funeral everybody went to their rooms.
After reaching hostel they all Amruta and Amruta’s friends started discussing on that incident. Amruta’s friend Minakshi said, “Do you know this is I guess 3rd incident happened in this college?”
Amruta said, “No, I don’t have any idea about previous two incidents!”
Minakshi said, “They were also suicides like Rohan’s case but not at the same place, places were different.”
Amruta said, “OMG!! Why this is happening?”
Minakshi said, “I don’t know exactly but one of my classmate who belongs to this village told me that this college is built on a cemetery and during the construction period, this building had collapsed 2 times and at 3rd time it was a success”.
Amruta’s reaction was like why the hell she took admission in this college! Now 3 more years to set free and it’s a huge time! She was completely freaked out.

Later as days passed, everyone forgot about the incident and started focusing on studies as the exams were nearby.
One day again one news came about the suicide! This time it was of the most scholar student of the class! She hung herself in her house and that was horrible!!

As police investigated nothing was found, not even a suicide note, no call records and she was completely fine before she committed suicide, she wasn’t even in bad mood for a minute!
Now everyone was completely freaked out thinking that who will be next! They couldn’t leave that college because that will ruin their careers.
Students all kept mum and started focusing on their studies as the exams were nearby. They also used to feel some unusual activities at night in their rooms but they got highly used to it and study no matter what.

One night before the exam, Amruta was studying till late night and her roommates went to the neighborhood room to clear the doubts. They all used to keep their doors open as it was girls hostel with good security and many girls used to come at Amruta’s room to clear their doubts.

But for sometime, at that night Amruta was alone in the room she went to the balcony and started gazing out to get some air and a little break from studies.

It was very dark at night and the only light was there is of streetlights.
When she looked at the road, she saw one girl walking at very far distance.
Amruta checked the time, it was 3:30 am! She thought, “A girl? Walking at this time? And in village? Let it be, What I have to do with that? There could be some emergency. But she is a very brave girl”.

Then Amruta went into the room and thought it’s been too late and all her friends should go to bed. She thought of going to another room to call her friends or atleast to tell them that she is sleeping.

As soon as she went out of her room, What she saw was terrible!
She saw that the same girl she saw from her balcony, was standing right in front of her in the corridor!!

Amruta got faint there itself. She was admitted to hospital. She got high fever. Even after one day of treatment, she was not recovering a bit. So Amruta’s dad decided to take her to Mumbai in his hospital for better treatment. But it did not help. Amruta still had high fever. She was not eating anything. Amruta was making different voices. Her eyeballs went up. She suddenly started shaking very badly. Everybody held her hands and legs. Amruta’s dad and mom got totally freaked out. They got worried about Amruta.

Then maid in Amruta’s house, said, “Sir, this is not the medical case. This child is possessed by some ghost. We should got to priest. He will give some solution.” Amruta’s dad used to not believe on such things. But for the sake of his daughter he allowed maid to do her things. Maid went to priest and explained everything. That priest gave her Vibhuti(ash) and told her to keep it under the pillow of the girl. Maid did everything as said. As soon as maid kept Vibhuti under Amruta’s pillow, she stopped moving and grunting. Within 2 minutes Amruta was normal. Amruta got up and sat straight normally. Then Amruta explained everything to her parents.
Later she took admission in Mumbai only. Amruta never went to that college again. That incident literally freaked her out. She doesn’t even like to talk about it.

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