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Haunted Cemetery

It’s a horrifying story of 13 years old young girl Maria who had unknowing connection with a haunted cemetery. One day it was her maths exam. Like normal day she got up early and got ready on her own. She was a brilliant student. And also she was an independent girl. She used to do her work on her own like dressing up, packing school bag, putting tiffin in the bag etc.

That day she was super ready for school. And it was her favorite paper. She was fully prepared for the exam.

She reached school. Then went to her classroom and sat on her bench. Teacher distributed the question paper. Maria started writing the answers.

After about an hour, Maria stood up suddenly. Teacher said, “What happened Maria. Do you need anything?” Maria started staring to teacher with angry eyes. She started taking breath so fast by looking at her teacher angrily. Her face started becoming red.

Then teacher came to her and grabbed her arm and asked, “What happened child?” Maria turned her head towards teacher and shouted, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”. She opened her hairs and rigorously messed them up. She started pulling her hairs by murmuring something weird. Maria’s pupils turned upwards. Teacher and every student in classroom was shocked and scared as hell. Teacher quickly went out of the class and called Maria’s parents and told about Maria.

Maria’s parents came to school. They took Maria to home. Maria had high fever. After reaching home her parents called doctor at home. Doctor gave some medicines. Maria did follow the medication for whole one day but Maria’s health was same as before. There was no improvement. Her body temperature was still the same.

After watching all this situation, maid in Maria’s house suggested, “Sir, this is not a medical case. Please ask tantrik (priest). They will surely save our child.”

Maria’s parents call a tantrik to see Maria. Tantrik reached Maria’s house and stepped in and shook badly. He said, “A bad spirit is present inside this house.” Everybody was shocked. Then the tantrik came to Maria. She started shouting, “Take this man away. Tell him to go. Go away” She started jumping on the bed and shouting. People in the house held her hands and legs to keep hold of her.

Tantrik started chanting. He threw holy water on to Maria. She started shouting badly, “Go away, else I will kill her.” Tantrik got up and called her father. Tantrik told that, “It’s not a single spirit. Your child has total 12 spirits inside her. We need to call more tantriks to save your child. The spirit is very powerful. If we don’t do chanting tonight, we might lose your child.”

Maria’s dad agreed and asked tantrik to call other tantriks. They all came at 11 PM. They all started chanting.

Maria’s hands and legs were tied by rope. While chanting was going on, Maria was making different voices like male, female voice. Maria’s mother started crying by seeing all this.

After about 3 hours, tantriks ended the chanting. Maria’s dad asked tantrik, “Is my daughter out of danger? Is the spirit gone?” Tantrik said, “Yes, the spirit is gone. Have you ever experienced this situation before with your child?” Maria’s dad said, “No, my girl did not face such thing in her entire life.” Tantrik said, “So you might have done something that your child has encountered with the spirit. Have you been to any different place in a month time?” Maria’s dad said, “Yes we went to our village in Goa 15 days ago.” Tantrik said, “There the problem started.”

Tantrik went to Maria and kept hand on her forehead and closed his eyes. After 5 minutes he said, “You all went to funfair at in village right?” Maria’s dad nodded, “Yes”. Tantrik said, “While coming home, your child got to pee. You said go behind that bush. Because no toilet was there nearby. So she went there. But the area where she went, it was a haunted cemetery and a man was buried there. The spirit of the dead man was around the area only. He got angry on your child. So the spirit entered in the girls body and also invited other spirits too. You child is very lucky that the spirit did not harm here so much. In such case mostly people die.” Maria’s dad thanked all tantriks. Maria’s mother’s tears of sorrow turned into happiness as she got her girl back.
Now Maria is fine. No spirit has troubled her later.

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