Half Man Half Horse | The Mysterious Horse | Indian Horror Stories

Half Man Half Horse – The Mysterious Horse

Following incident of Goa will give you goosebumps!

A group of friends gone for a Goa trip. Goa is a place of mesmerizing shores, night parties at beach, adventure sports, royal casinos, drinks and lots of fun.

They enjoyed 2 nights till the fullest. But on the third night what happened, was really horrible.

It was a beautiful evening. These friends were dancing, enjoying the food, drinking and smoking. It was the evening that everybody wished for. It was a no moon day. All over you see is pitch dark. Only the party lawn was in light. It was so cozy ambiance with waves sound of sea in no light. All friends were enjoying the party a lot.

All friends were drunk. One of them told, “Let’s go for walk on the beach”. Everybody got ready to go. They started walking. Everybody was cracking jokes, sharing their experiences. It was a fun time. Then suddenly they heard the sound of horse foot tapping. They felt like a horse is walking on ground besides sea shore.

Some friends got surprised. They thought “Horse? At this time?” They asked each other, “Do you hear tap of horse?”. Everybody silently nodded yes, they also heard the same. They thought it might be because they were drunk. But all nodded “Yes, I heard it too”.

They said “Leave it. Only horse is there right? So, no worries.” And continued gossiping.

Again, the sound came like horse taps. but they did not react anything. Earlier, the sound was coming after some interval. But now the sound started coming continuously.

Now everybody got too much scared. Girls started saying “It feels something creepy here, let’s go to our hotel”. Boys said, “No guys, it’s just a horse. Nothing else. Don’t be scared.”

One boy said, “Let’s go and check what is there. Let’s go”.

So, they all agreed. They went towards that ground from where the sound was coming.

They searched if any horse out there. But they did not find one. They thought it could be their imagination, nothing else.

They started walking towards their hotel. Then they met a villager. He asked, “What happened? Do you need any help?”

One girl asked him, “Is there any horse?” The man said, “No, there is no horse here. I am a watchman of this place. But why are you asking that? What happened?”.

She said, “Actually we heard horse’s foot tapping sound coming from this place. It was like horse is walking on the ground. But nothing is there. We will go back to our hotel. Anyways, thank you.”

They all started walking. And again, they heard the same horse sound coming from behind.

Now they all were freaked out. They turned back, and still there was no horse! But the watchman was walking.

They turned their eyes towards his feet. Oh my God!!! He actually had Horse’s legs!

Watchman said, “What happened?”

Then he started marching on his place and asked, “Is this the same sound you heard?”

After that night, all those friends were found dead due to heart attack except one guy, he was found unconscious.

Later, he explained the whole incident to police about half man half horse.

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