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Ghost on Highway

This is the creepiest incident ever happened at Virar where a man met with a ghost on highway. 

It was 12:15 AM. A man was waiting for rickshaw on highway. He wanted to go to the Virar railway station. He searched for rickshaw but it was too late, so he did not get any. He almost waited for half an hour.

Then finally he saw a rickshaw coming towards him. He waved his hand to stop the rickshaw. Luckily rickshaw was empty. He asked rickshaw driver, “Will you take me to Virar railway station?”. Driver said, “It’s a shared rickshaw, come.” He got in and rickshaw started.  

After some distance traveled, another passenger got into rickshaw. Thereafter third man also got in.

After some time third person said, “Please stop here, I want to get off.” Now there are two passengers in rickshaw.

Suddenly, the second man also said, “Please stop here, I want to get off.” Driver  stopped the rickshaw. “How much?”, The man asked. Driver said, “It’s only 20 rupees.”

The man took out 20 rupees from his wallet and gave it to driver. But while taking that money, by mistake the money fell down. Driver bends down to pick up the money. But he did not take that money. Quickly pulls over the kick of rickshaw. And rode the rickshaw at superfast speed.

“What happened?” asked the person sitting in rickshaw, “Why didn’t you pick up the money? Why are you driving so fast?”

Driver said, “Sir, when I bent down to get that money, I saw that his legs were backwards. i got chills down my spine. So I quickly started rickshaw and ran away.“

The man said, “So what, even I have backward legs.”

After listening this, Driver got so terrified that he banged his rickshaw on to the tree.

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  • Janhavi
    Posted December 18, 2017 at 6:04 pm | Permalink

    Omg! Seriously is this real??? Because i am freaked out nw

    • admin
      Posted January 16, 2018 at 9:53 am | Permalink

      Yes Janhavi, it is a real story. I hope you liked it. There are other spooky stories too. Do read all and share with your friends.