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Ghost messenger – The message sender

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This story is about ghost messenger in village. This incident happened long back, at that time when we as a human race have not discovered all the technology advances that not only changed our day to day life but also made it more fast and easy. This is story of a man who used to live in village in Kokan. His name was Ramu. He was orphan and he used to do farming to earn his bread and butter. He was a hardworking as well as ambitious man. But he was not financially stable in his life. Farming was not sufficient because his village falls under drought areas.

During that time, there was no means of communication. So people need to hire running man to pass on their messages from one place to another. There was one in Ramu’s village. His name was Kamlesh. Kamlesh was also a farmer. Whenever there is anyone’s death happens in that village, people had to inform their relatives, who live in some other village at a long distance apart. They used to send Kamlesh to pass the information to their relatives.

Kamlesh did this job since long. Now he was getting older. It is not possible for him to run and go to distant places. So he told Ramu to help him in his work. Ramu agreed.

One day one old man died in village. Kamlesh had to send message to dead man’s relatives living in other villages.

Kamlesh used to always have a fist full of peanuts and jaggery with him. So that if he feels hungry walking the path, he can have it. Peanuts and jaggery are instant energy booster. It is the combination of vital vitamins and proteins of peanuts and iron of jaggery. It used to give Kamlesh an energy to walk so long. Kamlesh used to walk bare feet.

Kamlesh took Ramu to dead person’s home. Everybody was gathered there. He took the addresses where message is to be sent. Kamlesh gave some peanuts and jaggery to Ramu also. Kamlesh left along with Ramu to show his work. They both started walking on their path.

It was around 3 days, both did not return into the village. Everyone thought that destination might be so long, that’s why they are taking time. They will come back.

Another days gone and it was now 6th day. Kamlesh and Ramu were not in village. There were no sign of them. Now everyone was tensed. Everybody started searching for both around. They could not find Kamlesh and Ramu. So in evening, everyone returned to their home dishearten. And suddenly someone knocked the door. A lady opened the door. Ohh! He was Ramu. Everybody was so happy to see him.

They asked Ramu, Where were you so many days? We were searching for you.” Ramu said, We were passing from forest. Kamlesh got tired. He told me to get some water. I went to the river for water. At that time, a tiger attacked Kamlesh. I ran towards Kamlesh to save him. But I could not save him. His body is in a forest near village.” and Ramu started crying.

After listening to this all the villagers ran towards forest. When they reached, they started searching for Kamlesh. They found Kamlesh’s body. It was halfly eaten. Everybody started crying for Kamlesh. They had lost a very great and faithful man.

One person from those villagers saw some blood marks near Kamlesh’s body. These marks looked like someone has dragged a bleeding thing to somewhere. He followed that marks. After following those marks, at a certain distance, he found another dead body.

There was no head in that body. It seemed like he was attacked by someone. His clothes were torn. All the body parts were bleeding. It was a horrible scene. It was very difficult to identify the body. They searched for its pockets. They found peanuts and jaggery. Everybody was shocked.
He was Ramu only. Ramu’s soul came to inform about his and Kamlesh’s death to villagers. He was a ghost messenger.
It was something unnatural and unexplainable.

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