Ghost in night - Stranger at night

Ghost in night – Stranger at night

There are many incidents with ghost in night. This is also a one of the such horrifying experiences. It’s a story of an old Uncle whom I recently acquainted. He used to live all alone in his house as his wife met with an accident a year ago. And she passed away. He used to manage all his household work by himself, no staff or maid was there to help him. One day while he was doing his household chorus, he fell down on the floor which gave his active hand fracture. His neighbors helped him rushed to hospital, he got treated for his fracture with cast on his active hand.

One night, As per his routine he was making his bed in bedroom on first floor. As his bed was ready, he took off his cast and he went to sleep because he doesn’t like to sleep with his cast on.
At 2:30 AM while he was in his bed, doorbell rang, “Ting tong”. He peeped out of the window to see who has come. And he saw silhouette of someone at his door.
He thought, “Who the heck have came to meet me at this hour?” Still he said , “Wait, I am coming.”

He went downstairs and walked to the door. Turned on the light at the door in pain with his fractured hand. It took some efforts but he managed to open the door.

There was nobody standing at the door. He went out and looked. But no one was there. He came back inside the house. He thought impatient person might have left waiting. So he closed the door and went upstairs to go to his bed.

Just when he was about to sleep, doorbell rang again, “Ting tong”. He saw through the window. And he saw same silhouette again. He was irate because someone is disturbing him in his sleep time and secondly it takes a lot of his efforts to go downstairs anyway to answer doorbell, he went downstairs anyway. He went to open the door and turned the light on as well as opened the door with his fractured hand.

There was nobody out there. Uncle went furious because not only he was disturbed but also was in pain and shouted, “Hello, is anybody out there?” but no response. Uncle looked around carefully for the culprit. No one was there. It was so strange as well as horrid at a same time.

Uncle came inside the house. He closed the door and went upstairs.
After 5 minutes, again the bell rang, “Ting tong”. Now uncle got worried and terrified. “What’s happening all of sudden with me? Who is harassing me? What does he want from me? Is he prankster? Is he burglar? Should I call Police?”, he thought. Uncle peeped out of the window and saw that same silhouette at his door. He was afraid. Uncle shouted, “Who are you? What do you want? Why are you harassing me at this time? Stop harassing me else I will contact police.” There was silence for a minute then silhouette looked at uncle’s window and replied, “I need help, my car is broke down, I need some help. Please come down.” Uncle calmed down himself after hearing response. He thought the guy must be worried about his broken down car so was impatient and that’s why he is loitering around his doorsteps. Uncle wasn’t having good feeling about helping him but he went downstairs to help him anyway. He opened the door.

Now uncle can see silhouette in front of him. He asked, “Where is your car? Being old man what can I do to help you with broken car? Who are you? I came down multiple times to answer your doorbell, where were you?”
The silhouette stood there and didn’t reply. Couple of minute passed. All of sudden it started raining. Uncle was furious and frustrated by his behavior. Uncle busted out, “If you don’t want my help, get out of here and don’t knock my door again for help.” so he slammed the door on his face.

As he was about to slam the door. There occurred lightening. No sooner it did, Uncle show there was no silhouette in front of him. Now door was closed, Uncle was now terrified, he couldn’t believe what he had seen. He said, “That’s not possible!” Different thoughts started coming in his mind that, “How is this possible. Is it any kind of illusion? I am sure that I saw clearly that no one was there when lightening struck. Silhouette was there only when it wasn’t.”

Uncle turn around peeped through peephole of the door, silhouette was standing there only.
Uncle couldn’t see clearly. Then lightening struck again and silhouette was vanished. There is nothing in front of him. So uncle turned on the light. Then what!!! The silhouette disappeared.

Uncle could not believe in his eyes. Again uncle turned off the light. The silhouette was appeared again. He turned the light on, and the silhouette disappeared again. The silhouette said, “Why you are turning light on-off. You can see me only when there is no light.” And it smiled.

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