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Daughter’s love – an extreme spooky tale


One girl stopped an auto rickshaw and said, “Please take to Siddharth nagar.” Auto driver agreed and she sat in rickshaw. After half and hour travel, her destination arrived. Driver stopped rickshaw at the gate. The girl started searching her pockets. She might have forgotten her wallet somewhere. She said, please wait here, I will bring money from my home. She quickly ran inside her house.

The rickshaw driver was waiting for her at the gate. It was so long that she did not return. Rickshaw driver thought that the girl fooled him and ran away. I should go and check in the house. He went to the door and rang the bell.

An old aged man opened the door. Rickshaw driver said, “Sir please call that girl out. She did not pay my rickshaw fare, I was waiting at the gate for so long. Please tell her pay my bill. I have to go home. It’s already too late.”

The old aged man had his eyes filled with tears of joy. He smiled to the rickshaw driver, told him to wait there only by hand gestures and went inside.

Mean while standing at the door, driver unintentionally looked around in the house. Oh God!, what he saw was terrible, he fell down on the floor with fear. He was sweating heavily. He was shivering.

The old aged man came to the door, and he saw that the driver is on the floor. He quickly took him inside. He gave him water and something to eat.

There was a big picture with flower garland on it. The driver could not speak a word in fear, he was just pointing towards the picture with lots of questions on his face.

The old aged man, said, “Relax my child, I will explain you everything. This is my daughter, Sneha. And yes, she is the one whom you dropped here.”

The driver got freaked out. He couldn’t understand anything.

The old aged man continued, “Her name was Sneha. She was a brilliant girl also a person with a golden heart. She was so beautiful. Everyone used to like her. She was a star in her college.

One day she went to her best friend’s birthday party. She said she will come home at 8 pm but she did not came home till 9 pm. So I called her. She said, “Dad, I am sorry it’s getting late, I Know. But party is getting over soon. I will be home at 10 pm. I am leaving in sometime. Don’t worry. Bye dad.”
But don’t know how bad people in this world are. There was a boy in her college, he had bad intentions for my Sneha. While coming to home, that boy requested her to sit on his bike. He will drop her home. She was about to get into rickshaw. But that boy requested many time so she couldn’t say No.

While coming towards home, the boy turned his bike in the jungle and he raped her. In this Sneha was found dead.

We were so worried, we called her friends but no one knew where she was. After that we registered a Missing complain to police. They found her dead body in the bushes at the side of the road.

From that day, spirit of my daughter every day takes rickshaw and comes home.

I understand it is haunting for you. But I feel so happy whenever any auto driver comes home asking for his rickshaw fare. That is the sign of my daughter coming home.”

That old man gave him extra tip along with the auto fare.

The rickshaw driver went to his rickshaw, he looked back to Sneha’s house and felt that this world is cruel for nice people like Sneha. But spirit of Sneha is a great soul. Now also she visit her home even if she is dead to know about her parent’s health and well-being.

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