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A vacation with ghost friends

Have you ever experienced a vacation with ghost friends? If not, this is a story which will definitely haunt you.

It’s a story about two boys named Rohit and Sameer. These two boys were living in a place where there was all greenery. They were living in a farmhouse. It was surrounded by trees, plants. The atmosphere was unpolluted there. Wide expanse of land was covered with sand. Little dry shoots of grass peeped here and there. It was a calm environment to live. These guys were neighbors. They both were in class 9. Every day they used to go school together.

It was a month of April, these boys had got summer vacation. Whole day they used to play.  Sometimes they used to go for fishing in the river nearby.

They were enjoying their vacation fully.

An old lady used to stay in their neighborhood. One day, during summer vacation, old lady’s grand daughter had come at her home. Her name was Neha. She was so fair and beautiful.

2-3 days she spent with her granny. On fourth day, she came out to see if someone is there to play with her. She found those 2 boys playing. Neha went to play with them. The boys also liked her company. They all started hanging around. She became their good friend.

One day the boys decided to scare Neha. They called Neha and asked, “Neha, are you afraid of ghost?”. She said, “I don’t believe in ghosts”. They said, “We will tell you a story. Lets see if you get scared or not.”

Neha accepted the challenge.

The boy said, “There was a boy in our district. He used to love a girl. They were in relationship near 6 years. So, they thought to get married. They asked their parents. But they refused their marriage. As their parents were so strict and they knew that parents would never agree on their decision, so they decided to run away and get married.

One day, the boy said, “So tomorrow at 7 PM I will come to pick you at fort. Be ready and be at place on time.”

But this plan got leaked. Both boy’s and girl’s parents got to know about this. The boy and girl were so happy. Finally their dream is about to come true. They are gonna live together forever. Nobody is going to set them apart.

In the evening, the boy got ready. With a smile on his face he got into his car to pick up his dream girl. He was weaving dreams in his mind of their togetherness while driving.

But suddenly a truck banged on his car. The boy’s car went into the lake. Boy was found dead.

The girl was waiting at fort. But her boyfriend did not come. Later she got to know that he is dead and her brother only murdered him.

After listening to this, the girl swallowed poison and committed suicide.

Neha said, “Oh! That’s a very sad story, but what was creepy in that?”

Rohit said, “Well the story is not finished yet. We have heard that, in every year, on the same day when they had decided to get married. That girl’s ghost comes and waits at the fort and that boy’s car comes out of the lake to pick her at 7 PM!”

Neha said, “Oh, Is this the real story? Or you guys have cooked up something in your mind to scare me?”

Sameer said, “Even we don’t know if this is real or not because we have heard about it from our parents. Let’s find out? What say guys? That night is about to come in 2 days. so let’s go there and check?”

They all agreed.

2 days later, these three friends were so excited to do this investigation. So they made a plan.

They decided that 2 boys will wait at the lake to see if any car coming out of this lake or not.

The girl waited near the fort to see if any lady is there.

So the boys were waiting since 6 PM at the lake. Now it’s 6:40 PM, the boys heartbeat became faster, that they are going to see what they have heard.

Exactly at 6:45 PM, bubbles started coming in water. The boys got so scared. Then bubbles started coming fast, water started moving.

Then they saw, “Whoa, it’s actually a car coming out of water!!!”

They were so terrified. They quickly turned their bike towards fort to tell Neha that its a true story. A car actually came from water.

While going they thought that, then there must be a girl waiting for him should also be real.  if the car coming from lake is real,

So let’s go and tell Neha about all this.

They reached to Neha and they hide behind the tree to see all the incidence.

They knew that the car will come from there. So they were looking in that direction. Within 2 minutes, one boy saw that the car is coming. They thought if the car is real then the girl also must be waiting for him at this place. They started looking for that girl around. But they did not see any girl out there.

The car came and stopped at side of road. Guys got so confused. And looked at each other. He said, “See, car has come. But where is that girl?” while looking at Neha.

And what? Neha was not there. They looked around for her. They could not see her.

Boys got so tensed, “Where is Neha gone?”

In a moment, what they saw was horrible.

Neha was coming from a distance, wearing red saree, She was walking towards the car. She got into the car. That boy started the car and both went far away.

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