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A Ghost in Konkan

I am going to share a real incident of a Ghost in Konkan. It is a story of Arjun and Rajiv. They both are best friends.

Arjun had a plan to go to his village in Konkan. One day, casually he said to his friend Rajiv, “Buddy, I am going to my village this weekend. I am going to stay there for 10 days.” Rajiv sadly said, “Okay buddy.” Rajiv felt like he won’t be able to meet his friend for next 10 days.  Arjun asked “Rajiv, can you come with me to my village? It will be great fun.” Rajiv liked the idea. And he said yes. Arjun was so excited to take his best friend Rajiv along with him to his village.

They started the journey at night. They reached village in morning. Rajiv was mesmerized to see such beautiful nature. So pure air. Rajiv was so excited to see all the corners of that village. Arjun and Rajiv quickly kept the bags inside the house. And went on beach. They had enjoyed a lot in white sand and sea waves.

Arjun and Rajiv had fun whole day. At night the were gossiping in yard. They set their beds in yard only. They wanted to sleep under the sky. They fell asleep in a cold mist. At 3:03 AM, Suddenly Arjun woke up. He saw someone is walking in front of him. He thought he was Rajiv. Arjun said,”Hey Rajiv, where are you going?” He said,”I want to go to washroom.” Arjun said,”You are going in wrong direction. Bathroom is opposite side.” Still Rajiv started walking on his path only. Arjun thought, “Rajiv seems to be sleep walking. I should go follow him. He might get into trouble.” So Arjun got up and started walking behind him. Many times Arjun tried to wake him up but no use. He was walking towards river. Arjun was also following him. When Rajiv reached near river Arjun forcefully stopped Rajiv with holding his hand. Then Rajiv said, “Arjun what are you doing here. Go home.” Arjun said,”No. We both will go home. Let’s go.” Rajiv sat down on a big stone facing towards river and said, “Leave me alone. I want to do suicide.” Arjun said,”Shut up Rajiv. Don’t try to fool me now. Let’s go home. Come on.” Arjun turned back. The very next moment he heard, “Splash.” Arjun turned back, he saw Rajiv jumped into the river. The flow of river was so fast, Rajiv drained into water of river and went away.

This scene immensely terrified Arjun. he did not know what to do. He ran towards house. He reached home and started banging on the door with fear. His mom opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, Arjun quickly entered the house. He said in fearful voice,”Rajiv drained in river.” and he started crying, he broke down. Everybody was shocked, “How is this possible”.

Arjun did not know what to do. He lost his best friend. He was crying like a child by rolling on the floor. Arjun’s mother was trying to calm him down. Arjun was continuously saying, “It is my fault. I should have not let him go to river. I should have stopped him.”

Suddenly Rajiv appeared. Arjun was freaked out. He could not believe in his eyes. How is this possible. Arjun just now saw that Rajiv drained into water with his eyes and now he is seeing Rajiv infront of him in the house. He could not believe on his eyes. Rajiv came to Arjun and hold him. “Arjun, Arjun, look at me. I am right here.” Arjun got faint.

Next morning, Arjun got up and asked, “It was a dream right. Where is Rajiv?” Everybody then explained the situation to Arjun that it was a ghost. That spread a trap for you. But you were very lucky that you did not stuck into the trap. You were able to return home. Many people got stuck into the trap and lost their lives. Rajiv and Arjun was so terrified after listening to the story. It was such a relief for Rajiv that his friend Arjun is safe and out of danger.

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